Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Most of the days I wake up to this scene outside my bedroom window. And to think that I live in a concrete jungle, should I say I'm BLESSED or what....let the green parakeets flourish!

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Gaspar said...

I do not comment on how a picture could have been taken because everybody sees the world differently and each person's world is different. That is the reason I like all images since the decision to press the shutter is associated with multiple variables, as many variables as there are human beings and subjects. But in your case I shall take the liberty of suggesting a few tips. The vast blue sky distracts the eye away from the parakeets. Use your photo-editor to darken the edges. I am sending you the modified image.
These parakeets are living in the now. The picture clearly depicts that. Life is happening now. They are not bothered about the next moment. Wish man learns the lesson of living this moment as this moment is all we have.

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