Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Street Photography opens your eyes to the world around you. Everything around you becomes meaningful and alive. It teaches you to surrender to the unknown; it allows you to draw from the energy of the unknown and create something that tends to stay with you for long. Seen below are people who are experts at turning your dream home into a reality. They eat, drink, sleep and live under blue plastic sheets while they build your Palace. Then they move on to build another dream home. These temporary shabby shanties also double up as their boardroom. Here you can see the workers gathered for an early morning meeting, in the backdrop of a foggy Bangalore morning...

(Click on the photo to see it the way I saw it when I shot it)


The Rose. And the Sky. I'm in awe of these two creations. Their perfection and beauty humbles me. Their power and grace fills me with unexplicable joy. Over the years I have learnt not to try and decipher them, instead I've learnt to enjoy them and to lose myself in their mystique. They are just WOW!

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