Saturday, January 3, 2009


If eyes are the messengers of the soul then what message are these eyes carrying?


My mom has a very imaginative and creative mind. I think whatever little creativity that I have in me is a hand-me-down from her. When I was little, as she hand-fed me my dinner (yes, I was a spoilt brat) she would not tell me stories, instead she would encourage me to come up with wonderful stories with characters that were around us. And most of the time these characters were not visible to others -they were just visible to us. Like the old lady in the moon frying pancakes or the huge fish having dinner with its children on a wall with peeling paint or the mountains and valleys in the clouds...she taught me to see things that were'nt there for the naked eye to see; these were characters that you could see only with your mind's eye. Even today, I am perfectly happy being on my own, watching the sky from my balcony and seeing a giant of an old, bent lady going on a trek over the mountain which transforms into a lion and then a sheep that accompanies the old lady to her think i'm crazy? Next time around when there are dark rain clouds on an evening sky try and see it with your mind's eye...I'm sure you will be able to see the old lady....or even a naked women a la Pamela Anderson on her back....!
So, when I shot this picture and told my mom, "Look ma, don't they look like those tiny creatures, which you find in the Ocean bed." She just looked at me and smiled, as if I made completely perfect sense. If you are wondering what this is....

It's the seasoning in a bowl of Rasam soup...:)


They lasted 24 hours. Dawn to dusk. In that short period they provided great joy with their beauty, fragrance and vivid colors, to those who stopped by to look at them.


My favourite time of the day -golden evening, when my world is bathed in magical sunlight.

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