Friday, December 5, 2008


The story of how Ganesha won the race around the world by beating his more athletic and agile brother Subramanya, without even stepping outside his home in heaven, was one of my favourite childhood stories.
My mother would say:

You can be podgy; you can be slow on your feet;you can have a mouse as a pet; you can have a brother who gets the girls; (okay, i added that one!) you can even have an elephant head;

Yet, you don't have to be a loser.You can still win the race;you can be a leader;you can be respected;you can be loved;and you can be a winner.

All you need is a little common sense.
A heart that loves;
and a good sense of humor!
(I guess you definitely need the latter if you are an elephant head)

(The face of Ganesha is photographed through a trellis like design on a traditional lamp from Kerala).


A few droplets of water.
A few rays of sunshine.
Lots of green and a dash of red.
Mix it all up.
And you get this.....


Words cannot describe a sunset.

You need to feel it.

Only then you can comprehend its unparalleled beauty!

It's a dance of hues.

It's what I call the dance of gods!

Let the naked eye SEE

We are surrounded by beauty. But the naked eye misses much. Because it is restricted by the conventional, society-chartered, concept of beauty. If we allow the naked eye the freedom to see the way it is originally meant to then it will not miss much.

It was breathtaking to see sunlight filter through this leaf, changing its hues and highlighting the beauty of the earth around it. I'm beginning to understand the concept of allowing the eye to `see' not merely `look' at the world around me without prejudice. It makes my life more enjoyable!

The red rose

Romance. Love. Passion. Elegance. Beauty.
These are some of the words that comes to mind when you think of the red rose. These words usually evoke the relative feelings in us too.
But to me, when I see the red rose the one word that comes to mind is reverence.
Yes, there is something about the richness of its ruby red colour, the heady fragrance, the intricate arrangement of the petals and its regal bearing...
The red rose is a testimony to the creative powers of the I AM.
So, is it any wonder that I feel reverence towards this Queen of flowers.

The shadow play in the picture amuses me a great deal!

And I really, really, really need to get those conversion lenses if I want to go anymore closer to the rose!

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