Wednesday, December 3, 2008


From the time I became aware of life around me the skies have been my succor.

The vast expanse above has been my mentor, my friend, my psychiatrist, my sounding board and my connection to the great I AM.

On various occassions, it has calmed my fraught nerves; offered my tortured soul great solace; it has caught me off-guard by filling me with unexplicable happiness at times.

All I have to do is look up at this vast expanse called the sky and I'm reminded of how powerful I can be; how good I can be; how at peace I can be; how happy I can be; how blessed I can be; and how hopeful I can be -if I WANT TO. It is all there for my picking. Available. I just need to stretch out my hand and take it.
When I look up at the sky, morning, noon and night, it just fills me with hope, fills me up with a feeling that there is a beautiful place beyond, all ready and waiting for me, when the time comes....
(Photos taken from my balcony. Camera -Sony Cybershot)

The teeny-tiny flower bed in my teeny-tiny balcony. Shot in natural light.

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