Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I love colors. And light. And shadows. They are capsules of life.


Anupama Bijur said...

Green gold... these leaves look like they've been dipped in liquid gold. Lovely.

Gaspar said...

Light being the language of photography, is well utilized in this series. Particularly the rim light on the upper edges of the leaf and the angle of the light source makes the leaf pop out of the frame. The eyes are drawn to the subject and they remain there. The point of interest is well expressed and the eyes rest peacefully on the image. The hues are all there to be taken in.
Plants are very willing subjects to sensitive photographers. Photographers who care about this planet, photographers who would like to give beck in return for all the beauty this world showers on us. Plants express their beauty for a very short moment when they choose to be fellow travelers with us. We can understand what they say through the language of light. Visit this inspiring site

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