Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sometimes, I come across things in my life that I'm absolutely certain about. I'm sure that the following three portraits will remain my all time favourites till the very end. Three photos which can be captioned the very young, the young, and the not-so-young. To me these photos represent: On the threshold of life; Living life and Lived a bit of life. You decide which one is which.

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Gaspar said...

A wonderful series of pictures and an apt title.
For me it is impossible to choose the best among them as they are all beautiful in their own way.

Picture1: First, my compliments for the superb composition. Keeping the subject on one side of the frame gives the image a weight and and a beauty which will not be possible if the subject was in the middle. The smile is very spontaneous and innocent, a characteristic of youth, filled with happiness and hope.
The background is very vibrant adding more life to the picture. People busy and preoccupied in their own thoughts. Signs of celebration hanging on the walls, being a youth itself is a celebration. Most important, the hyperactive child trying to escape from its mother, the slow shutter has recorded the movement of the kid. Is he in a hurry to become a youth soon? Does he not know that the youth will become old and the same speed and momentum?

Picture 2: A quiet and serene moment. You are very lucky to capture such a moment, which is fleeting most of the time. Accentuating the face alone creates an empathy with the subject. You feel like sitting quiet next to the subject, no need to speak, you should not speak, words will ruin the serenity.
How nice to have travelled this long. Is not life a beauty? Is not every moment a blessing?
A picture to be cherished.

Picture 3: Very bold cropping. Is it the time that has gone by which was cut away from the picture? Is it the remaining time which has been left in the picture? The eyes are far and distant, we see this quality at this time of life in most people and well captured.

I can go on and on, but all good things should come to and end as LIFE itself. My kudos to you Sudha for these beautiful series of images.

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