Monday, December 22, 2008


My mom is a very jovial and `smiley' person. But put a camera in front of her and she can give an iceberg severe competition. A weekend, I turned adamant, shoved the camera in front of her face and asked her to smile. She refused. And I did not give up. What ensued was a stalemate. During which, various emotions flitted across her face and I captured some of them. Finally she relented and cracked a smile -for my camera. My precious mom with her precious smile!


Anonymous said...

Sudha mmmmm how wonderful!!

1. Aadi's recovery
2. amma's photograph(after so many years!! thanks for that dee!! for those great moments)
3. The lovely breasts
4. your beautiful friends(I wonder how you missed me!!)

carry own my dear sudha you make a huge difference to ones mood and life.

Anonymous said...

that was me eva

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