Thursday, December 4, 2008

My tribute to Sr.Martha

I just received the news that Sr.Martha passed away yesterday. She was my teacher in school. I never met her again after I left school more than two decades ago. But I always remembered Sr.Martha. Not the kind where you'd think of someone everyday. In fact, I hadn't thought of her for more than a decade until this morning!
But, she was THERE, in the back of my mind, ALWAYS.

She was a gentle lady. Full of love and laughter.
Someone who understood the travails of a troubled teenager; someone who gently took the hands of a troubled teenager and guided her over obstacles; someone who loved unconditionally; someone who had the ability to see beyond the surface.

She was like a ray of sunshine in my life. Making me feel warm in her gentle love like the sun on these leaves.
She was like a stream of light that could dispel dark fears in a child and make the child's qualities shine through.
Like the stream of sunlight on these leaves.
As I sat in my study, pondering over the distant past, reliving the wonderful moments spent in the company of Sr.Martha, I saw this ray of sunlight streaming through the windows and painting vivid hues upon the little plant, sitting in a dark corner in my room. Immediately bringing to the fore the beauty of the leaves, which was hitherto hidden underneath a cloud of darkness. That was what Sr.Martha was to me -a ray of sunshine.
This is my tribute to Sr.Martha.
Till we meet again...adios!

(Photos taken on 4.12.08. Location: My house, Bangalore)

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