Saturday, August 25, 2012

Women boxers in Bangalore

Vibha (21), Pavitra (23), Vidya (16) and Raechel (15).
Four of the nine women boxers from Karnataka. Raechel won a bronze medal at the recently concluded sub-junior championships. Karnataka won 2 bronze medals, the only medals that Karnataka has ever won in women's boxing.

21-year-old Vibha. The first time she got punched on the bridge of her nose she went ballistic and hit her sparring partner hard -the moves had nothing to do with boxing :)

Raj Kumar coaches the 9 women boxers that Bangalore has. The youngest joined last month -she's nine-and-a-half years old.

Vibha says that 95% of the boys are supportive and encouraging. The remaining 5%? She doesn't care.

23-year-old Pavitra wants to be an IAS officer. Every morning when she goes for boxing training at 5 am her mother asks her: "Why do you want to do this? You should be getting married instead."

Pavitra stood 3rd in a Kannada reality show based on the lines of Fear Factor

15-year-old Raechel won the bronze medal at the sub-junior national women's boxing championship. The first medal that Karnataka has won in women's boxing -ever!

16-year-old Vidya wants just one thing in life: To win an Olympic medal like Mary Kom. But her mother is worried that her daughter's beautiful face might be marred and that might affect her future.

Pavitra is also an athlete


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Julia Roberts said...

Indian women are moving fast like the other women of developed world. They are now going for challenging profession. This is great. I am encouraging them for it. congrats.

Lou said...

This bought tears to my eyes. So good to read.

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