Monday, May 11, 2009


Mind Curry said...

nice you mostly do photoshopped work? i have a lot of interest in photography and it is nice to see your work.

Manoj Mishra said...

Hi Sudha,
The picture titled Trivandrum makes you want to be there.
Keep it up and keep bringing joy to all of us.
By the way, what does photoshopped work mean?
Best regards,

UC said...

am i seeing it right? two and a half pairs of feet? awesome trigger for a story :-)
uma chandrasekaran

Nlights said...

HI, this pic is the best way a story is told without words. you have a captured the shadows of the legs which tell the story, however i feel you should have moved a little bit towards the right of the frame showing the unfortunate limb without the shadow. or else it is a 9/10 pic.

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