Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess Who?

I like people-watching! I like to guess their names, their profession, their lives etc...The eyes, the smile, the wrinkles, frown lines, crowsfeet, and the laughter lines....are all signs of life, testimonies to one's experiences in life....I took my people watching one step ahead....I have begun to freeze frame on their faces, here's some of them -can you guess their lives?

(Hailing from a small town in Kerala, Sindhu led a very conservative life and accepted the roles given to her by the society -daughter, wife, mother! She never thought of anything beyond that. But today, she has stepped out of conventional boundaries. She is a beautician who owns her own beauty parlor and plans to open a second one soon

(Michael -istriwalla or `ironman' as we usually call the people who iron our clothes. A breed that is fast disappearing with fancy clean-n-iron shops sprouting all over the place. His office -a broken down four-wheel contraption, with a plastic sheet overhead to protect him from rain and sun. He's been ironing clothes for the last 20 years from 6 am to 8 pm almost every single day.)

(I didn't want to inclue the above pic in this series, but then...)

(Sudha -a brand new grandmother. Need I say more.)


Ted Jerome said...

Very nice series of photos and words! I like the two "ironman" shots the best.

Leo P L said...

Not many people enjoy this. A walk on a busy street on a weekend can get you into the exploration mode. I agree. good snaps.


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