Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My friend and I went to see Iranian photographer Shadi Gadhirian's works. There was a series called `Out of Focus' (OOF). It was about women in Iran who remain invisible inspite of their acheivements and accomplishments in life. They are always relegated to the background -out of focus!
Here my friend is in front of a photograph from the OOF series. To me this picture was all about creating a new story within a story. And the beauty of it is that the interpretations of this story vary depending on the individual.

Sometimes, your mind distorts what the eye sees because at that moment in time distortion gives you a feeling of euphoria-something that we all crave for from time to time. Distortion helps you create something unique which you know is not possible in real life, yet you want a glimpse of it. There are many layers of distortion in this pic -in its mood, in its intepretation, in its colors, in its message. This pic represents `that moment in time' for me.
I always believe that a picture tells different people different stories. It speaks to them. And there is no right or wrong stories. They are all true stories. True to the individual that tells them and those that hears them. This pic tells me a story, which is entirely different from what it tells you. So you hear own story and if you have the time write and tell me your story.

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