Saturday, January 17, 2009


I read about photographer Steve Paxton's methods of photographing wisps of smoke. I fell in love with his `smoky' photographs. According to Steve anyone can do it, all you need is incense sticks, strobe light, reflector, black cloth and a few other parphernalia along with some imagination. I definitely had incense sticks (I'm Indian right?). No strobe light. But had a pencil torch. No reflector. But had white paper. Black cloth. Check. But then I realised it was just me and my camera and I could either hold the torch light or the reflector but not both. There was noway I could place or clip these items to act as stand alone accessories. So I just improvised a lil bit on Steve's method.Chucked the reflector away and held on to the torch. Once I began clicking, it was more like a game -catching the wisp of smoke with the torch light -it was great fun. Beats going out on a Saturday night! In the bargain I got some lovely photos too. Well, atleast to me it looks lovely...:)


Steve Paxton said...

Great work! Your images look wonderful!

Ted Jerome said...

You've done a great job of this with your resourceful use of the materials you had on hand! I'll have to try this myself sometime. I'm allergic to incense, though, so it will be a challenge! ;-)

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