Friday, January 9, 2009


I brought her home in a shoe box. She was 15 days old. I named her ginger. My mother was appalled. `How can you even come up with something like that -it is something that grows underground, it is no name for a child of this house....."she said. I forgot, she was the same mom who refused to name my earlier pet Jimmy because it was a "dog's name" . But it's also the name of an ex-American President, I said. She gave me a look that translated into "Why was he named after a dog?"
This time around I stood my ground, `Ginger she will be" I said. I forgot that my mom's a mallu and like all good malayalees she too suffixes a `uuu' and `dhe' to all pronouns. So Ginger became Gingu and I could do nothing about it.
Gingu is my seven year old German Shephard. She has the most beautiful eyes -it can be mischeivous, arrogant, stubborn, angry and downright wicked. Most of the time she just tolerates me....and she thinks, no she believes, that she is the daughter of the house and that I am her pet-dog. Believe me, she treats me very badly! But she also has me wrapped around her big paw.
The butter-won't-melt-in-my-mouth-look
Okay now-I'm-getting-really-pissed-off-with-you- look
Okay I'm-bored-with-you-and-you-need-a-brain transplant-while-I-need-a-nap look

You-are-still-here, now-I-AM- pissed- off- with- you- look

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