Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In the evenings kids come out to play in the little play area in my apartment. Most of these kids are accompanied by their `ayahs' or baby-sitters. There was something about this particular lady. When I look at the photograph below I wonder what is this lady thinking? A childhood of yore? A wonderful happy childhood where she dreamt beautiful dreams? And now, after all these years has she discovered that those dreams have remained just dreams and will remain so forever? I don't know, but the picture she portrayed was haunting.

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Gaspar said...

The placement of the subjects, the diagonal lines created by the swing, the faces turned away and the angle of view, all these elements make this picture photographically very interesting. I just imagine, suppose Sudha had shot this picture at night, the picture itself will be very haunting. I saw the other two pictures also. The carefree child playing and the woman whose face bears the ravages of time, the images create an urge to jump out of this body and become a child again. But that is another dream which cant be realized.

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